[Wine] local IP address for NETWORK SOCKET

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Jan 23 00:07:56 CST 2007

Tuesday January 23 2007 03:27、Pavel V. Chjen さんは書きました:
> does it use tcp/ip API of Linux kernel?


> have a problem with few networking application. It is able to use simple
> queries if it is forks just as client for example Internet browser, but
> if it trying to create socket it listen port on a wrong IP address or
> just does not create socket....

	I have no such problems. For example I use Proxomitron (Windows proxy-filter) 
and it works perfectly and without any stability problems - really perfect. 
Also I have some other server software (for Windows) that listen to network 
ports and it works perfectly for me too.

	You must tell us more information:

	1) What your version of Wine?
	2) Did you compiled it yourself or downloaded precompiled version? If yes 
from where: from your distrib-repository or from WineHQ site?
	3) What software you trying to use?
	4) Is there demo-version for it available?

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