[Wine] local IP address for NETWORK SOCKET

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Jan 23 21:05:27 CST 2007

Wednesday January 24 2007 02:31、Pavel V. Chjen さんは書きました:
> I use Ubuntu Edgy. And I installed wine-0.9.29 package from wine
> repository. Application is Buddytalk VoIP client.
> After installation it was needed mfc42.dll which was not present in
> system32 directory, I downloaded it and put in system32. Aftet that
> Buddytalk started successfully. But create UDP socket on wrong IP
> address -
> Will try to compile wine from source... lets see what will happen.
> On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 06:07 +0000, L. Rahyen wrote:
> > Tuesday January 23 2007 03:27、Pavel V. Chjen さんは書きました:
> > > does it use tcp/ip API of Linux kernel?
> >
> > 	Yes.
> >
> > > have a problem with few networking application. It is able to use
> > > simple queries if it is forks just as client for example Internet
> > > browser, but if it trying to create socket it listen port on a wrong IP
> > > address or just does not create socket....
> >
> > 	I have no such problems. For example I use Proxomitron (Windows
> > proxy-filter) and it works perfectly and without any stability problems -
> > really perfect. Also I have some other server software (for Windows) that
> > listen to network ports and it works perfectly for me too.
> >
> > 	You must tell us more information:
> >
> > 	1) What your version of Wine?
> > 	2) Did you compiled it yourself or downloaded precompiled version? If
> > yes from where: from your distrib-repository or from WineHQ site?
> > 	3) What software you trying to use?
> > 	4) Is there demo-version for it available?

	Please you "Reply to all..." or "Reply to List..." option to reply (because 
it isn't a good idea to hide discussion from the list: what if it content 
will be useful to someone in future?).

	Back to your problem. You can try to run Wine like this:

	WINEDEBUG=+loaddll wine program.exe

	See what dlls are used by your program. Then try to replace them one-by-one 
with native ones (of course you should try to overriden dlls that related to 
networking first because it is more likely that they cause problems). Put 
native corresponding dll to Wine's system directory and then execute:

	WINEDEBUG=+loaddll WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dllname=n" wine program.exe

	Please note that you should use dllname without ".dll" extension.
	If program works without installation then you can rename your .wine 
directory and then delete new created one after each attempt (just for 
sanity). You even don't need to copy program's folder to somewhere: just run 
it from your renamed .wine directory. Of course if installation is needed it 
will be tedious. You can alternatively reset your program settings each time 
if possible.
	If your program redetect your IP-address each time it runs then everything 
what I described above is unneccessary.
	For now please  post a bug report to http://bugs.winehq.org/ . When you found 
what dll cause problem you can add addition post to your bug report. It is 
very good idea to post a bug report even if you don't know the exact source 
of your problem - this will help developers to improve Wine and possibly fix 
your bug faster.

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