[Wine] arts in wine 0.9.29

Jean-Francois Lalande jf at lalande.nom.fr
Wed Jan 24 06:48:51 CST 2007


I am running Ryzom game (MMORPG) under Wine quite well. Nevertheless, we
have issues with the sound (as in many games) and we tested many
solution with alsa and oss sound rendering in Wine. Recently, I tried
to use arts sound module using wine 0.9.20 and the sound was really
good (and avoid some network problem we have when using alsa).

Recently, its seems that developers decided to disable arts in recent
wine versions. I read somewhere that it was because arts was not
anymore supported (or not enough). But for my personal use, only the
arts output is working fine with Ryzom and I wonder if it's possible to
reactivate arts in the sources of wine 0.9.29. I tried to have a look
to the code but it's to hard to find where to patch to reactivate arts.
I tried to do this using the Debian sources of wine (which are split in
modules (and I see the arts module compiled, so it is there and just
not activated)).

Thanks for your help,


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