[Wine] Error running Guild Wars with .9.3

Eatherington Philip eatheringtonp at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 30 13:23:28 CST 2007

Hello all,

I gave this a stab a few months ago but gave up and
just set up a dual boot.  I'm running low on disk
space now and tired of messing with the muliple
partitions, so I'm giving it another go to get Guild
Wars running in Linux.

I'm runing Wine 0.9.3 on Kubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake). 
I'm able to go through the instillation without issue,
but when it actually tries to launch the game, I get
the error message form Guild Wars:

"Unable to initialize 3D output.  Please verify that
you have installed DirectX8 and an updated video
driver.  Click the URL below to open a web page with
more information.


I'm running the command /pathtoGuildWars/wine Gw.exe
-dx8 -noshaders as I found this at the Wine HQ app db.
 I've tried searching the archive and the web but
don't seem to be able to find anyting on this
particular issue - I'm ready to accept that once I get
past this, there will be other issues that may not be
solvable right now, but it seems weird that nobody
else has had this error enough to even find three
relevant hits.

When I run it from the command line, the shell fills
up with more information than the screen can hold -
almost all of it I can see is items saying things like
the following:

fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x1aa160,
L"szClsidFilter", 0x34f2e4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x1aa160,
L"szName", 0x34f2d4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x1aa160,
L"dwMerit", 0x34f2d4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x1aa160,
L"dwInputs", 0x34f2d4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x1aa160,
L"dwOutputs", 0x34f2d4)

So I'm guessing it is my DirectX somehow. I have also
tried it without the -dx8 flag.

Any insight is appreciated!

The fish are biting. 
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