[Wine] Error running Guild Wars with .9.3

Eatherington Philip eatheringtonp at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 03:25:07 CST 2007

--- "L. Rahyen" <research at science.su> wrote:

> > Ok, I'm willing to give that a try, but the only
> way I
> > know to switch GW to a windowed mode is from the
> > ingame settings, which I can't get to.  Or are you
> > reffering to running Wine in a windowed mode,
> which I
> > also would not know how to do? Thanks for the
> > suggestion!
> 	Go to game's directory and then use this command to
> run game in a windowed 
> mode:
> 	wine explorer /desktop=1280x1024 game.exe

I do this, but get a screen that's about 640 x 480,
regardless of the values I use. Here is my exact
command I am running:

wine explorer /desktop=1024x768 Gw.exe
wine explorer /desktop=1024x768 Gw.exe -dx8 

It loads the program, runs through the update like
always, then throws the same error.

> 	You probably want to hide kicker (in KDE) and force
> no border for Wine' 
> desktop window (in KDE this is standard option for
> every window in window 
> menu, don't know about GNOME). 

I'm using KDE

>Also if you want to
> create shell alias (this 
> necessary if you want to start a game with just one
> short command from the 
> shell; for example, for zsh you can add your aliases
> to the /etc/zsh/zshenv 
> file) for this command you probably want to use
> xrandr command (see man 
> xrandr) to change resolution before starting the
> Wine' desktop in case if 
> resolution in game is different or if you want to
> switch to your normal 
> resolution if your current resolution often change
> (for example I launched 
> some game in 800x600, it crashed and resolution has
> leaved at 800x600; then I 
> starting game that should work in my typical
> resolution and I want to switch 
> resolutions automatically even if it is running in
> desktop mode and Wine 
> cannot switch for itself).

I kind of missed some of that.  I'm not really worried
about the lenght of the command, so long as I get it
working.  As for the last part, I think I understand
what you're saying about trying to switch resolutions,
but I don't know what the default resolution it would
try to use would be - in Windows, it would start in
full screen mode, whatever size your screen happened
to be.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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