[Wine] WINE and USB access

phoenixink at comcast.net phoenixink at comcast.net
Sun Jul 15 17:57:31 CDT 2007

Hi All,

I am working with a local middle school to replace Windows PCs with Linux PCs.
I am new to this list but have been trying to use WINE for a while.

We have a major problem that we can't seem to figure out.

We are trying to use WINE with a software called Data Studio from Pasco Scientific ref: http://www.pasco.com/datastudio/home.html .
Pasco makes a scientific data probe, the Pasport Explorer, that connects to the PC via the USB port and can be used to measure various items such as temperature, pressure, etc.
The Data Studio software is a Windows software package that is used to gather and plot the data from the USB probe.

I have been successful in using WINE to run the Data Studio software. However, I cannot figure out how to gain access to the USB probe so the software can retrieve the probe data via the USB port.

This is a big problem for us , as the school already owns all the Pasport Explorer probes and requires this functionality for Linux to be a successful replacement to Windows.

Does anyone know how a Windows program operating in Linux with WINE can access a device on the USB port?

Any help is appreciated 


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