[Wine] Grand Theft Auto Vice City and WIne 0.9.41

Austin English austinenglish at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 18 15:29:39 CDT 2007

Few things:

A) Try with a clean .wine directory. Either delete or rename your old one and try again.
B) Make sure you aren't using any native dll's/overrides.

If it's still there, file a bug at http://bugs.winehq.org. Be sure to look to see if there's not one filed already.

When you file the report, be sure to list your wine version, the steps to reproduce the problem, and a download url if a demo is available that shows the problem. Attach the terminal output you receive, as well.

Also, you can save yourself and the developers a lot of time and find the patch that broke the game for you between wine 0.9.40 and 0.9.41:


Hope this helps


chris montijn <chrismontijn at yahoo.com> wrote: Hello,

GTA Vice City will not start saved or new games
anymore in Wine 0.9.41. When you start the game, it
displays the menu (after you pressed a random key to
skip the intro movie, which does not play). You can
change options etc., but when you start a new game or
load a save game the game hangs. The progressbar on
the bottom of the screen almost gets to a 100%, but
hangs around 95%.

It does not respond and I have to kill it from a

The game worked perfecty in Wine 0.9.40.

Anyone else experienced this? Or has a solution?

Regards, Chris

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