[Wine] Installing Maximizer Ver 7

Austin English austinenglish at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 19 12:10:54 CDT 2007

Respond to the listserve in the future, so everyone can help/benefit from this.

Try cd'ing into the directory and launching the program. Most windows program wont' run unless called from their directory (program bug, not wine).

So, for example, open up konsole, and type:

$ cd .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/YourApp/
$ wine yourapp.exe

And see if it works. If not, try looking on http://appdb.winehq.org for your application for advice, and/or on http://bugs.winehq.org to file a bug (be sure to check if someone else already filed a bug first).

Ian Whitfield <whitfield at federalsaints.net> wrote: Hi Austin

Thanks for coming back to me!!

I've just moved over to Kubuntu 7.04 on a new computer and am deep into 
a heavy learning curve!! (Background is Windows Support Manager etc for 
20+ years!)

I have everything up and running except for a couple of items such as 
one Windows Machine not being read by the Linux Box and not being able 
to get my Treo 650 recognized. BUT the main requirement is to get my 
Contact Manager onto Linux as I can not find a suitable equivalent!

I have managed to get it to install with Wine and all seemed fine. But 
when I run it nothing happens - no error messages or anything!!??

Reading up on the Wine site I see to run it in a Shell Window (?) so I 
tried the run command but whatever I put in this I get a 'folder not 
found' error. The problem seems to be that Linux does not like spaces in 
folder names but Wine has put the program under 'Program Files".

I hate to be such a pest but anything you can help out with will be 
GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks again and regards from Pretoria


* Ian Whitfield*/* */*
Pretoria, South Africa


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