[Wine] re: Installation Output and First Use Output for FL 7

Travis Forghani travis at bowmanent.com
Mon Jul 23 10:00:06 CDT 2007


Thank you very much for the tips.  I'll try them immediately and let you 
know how it goes.  Should I re-submit FL 7 to the Appdb?


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Dan Kegel wrote:
> Travis wrote:
>> I submitted Fruity Loop 7 to the AppDB and it got accepted and then
>> after a little while it got deleted.  I don't know why as the
>> notification did not give a reason
> We had some gremlins deleting stuff from the appdb,
> maybe you got hit.  When was this?
>>  Anyway, I've been testing it with 0.9.41 and a lot of the issues
>> have been resolved.  Sound latency is not a problem.
>> In version .9.40 sampling/sound latency was an issue; now,
>> WINE does a better job than XP.
> Yay!
>> Fruity Loops is not able to find the WASP plug in even
>> though it is installed and the paths for it are correct in the
>> registry.  I compared directory structure of FL 7 on XP with directory
>> structure of FL 7 on WINE and they are identical.  Wasp is where it is
>> suppose to be.  I also compared the registry settings for FL7 on XP to
>> the registry settings on WINE and they are identical.  I am baffled as
>> to why FL 7 can't find Wasp.
> It's this line in the log:
> err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by
> L"C:\\Program Files\\Image-Line\\FL Studio
> 7\\Plugins\\Fruity\\Generators\\Wasp\\Wasp_Eng.dll") not found
> To fix this, you need to put a copy of MFC42.DLL into
> .wine/drive_c/windows/system32.  It should have been
> bundled with the FL installer, but they got lazy.
> Watch out, it's possible to grab the wrong version of that file.
> Safest way to get it is to install the Visual C++ 6 runtime package.
> Easiest way to do that is
>  $ wget http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks
>  $ sh winetricks vcrun6
>> I do receive a 1400 error during installation.  The error reads: Cannot
>> read access control list.  Error code 1400.
> That might be ok.
>> sudo wine flstudio7_RC6b.exe
> NEVER, ever run wine as root!  It's dangerous to run any app as root,
> so don't, unless you're *trying* to modify your system and know
> it's dangerous.
> - Dan

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