[Wine] Re: Installing Maximizer Ver 7

Ian Whitfield whitfield at federalsaints.net
Wed Jul 25 04:02:19 CDT 2007

Sorry I have not come back to the Forum yet on the last suggestion.

Was messing around with 'Akregator' (Not sure if this is the cause!!) 
and all Hell broke out with my system. Things don't run any more and I 
got lots of freezes and even total Black Screen" (of death??). After a 
couple of re-starts and screen after screen of errors etc I got the 
system up again but it is not very happy.

Will have to re-load I think but I loaned out my CD to a friend so will 
have to go and fetch on other side of town.

Will get back re: Maximizer once I have sorted the problem. BTW is there 
any equiv of CTR-ALT-DEL to stop programs in Linux??

* Ian Whitfield*/* */*
Pretoria, South Africa


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