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Jérôme Gardou jgardou at yahoo.fr
Sat Jun 16 17:15:42 CDT 2007

Le Saturday 16 June 2007 19:58:29 Derek McGowan, vous avez =C3=A9crit=C2=A0:
> Hi All ...
>    I'm a little new to Linux, and WINE, and need a little guidance
> please.  I am running Suse 10.1, and WINE 0.9.39.
>    I keep getting the following error and several programs I try to run
> fixme:x11drv:X11DRV_desktop_SetCurrentMode Cannot change screen BPP from
> 32 to 8
>   Through the investigation I've done, I'm beginning to think that the
> standard config of X11 that was created through install is not good
> enough - I think that some display issues could be resolved with a
> better configuration file for X11
>    I know the hardware is capable of running these prgrams, because I
> have a Windows partition that they run fine on.
>   I also understand (I think) that there is an alternative to X11 that
> SUSE may have moved to.
>    What I am looking for is clearly understandable instructions on how
> to manually edit the configuration files to ensure that all available
> modes are listed and usable - I think I need to do this manually,
> because I think that the automatic mode does not create the config file
> with ALL available modes.
>    Any guidance that anyone can provide would be much appreciated ...
> Thanks
> Derek
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=46ixme are not errors. They are a way to say something like "There is a=20
problem, but I know how to work around with it"

In this case, the application you try to run is in 8bpp colors, and X11 is =
to be in 32bpp mode. this means that wine has to convert the applications=20
graphics in 32bpp before giving it to X11.

If you don't care about fixme, you can do "WINEDEBUG=3Dfixme-all wine=20
application.exe" instead of "wine application.exe"


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