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Julian W. squall38 at rpgameplace.de
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Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007 13:55:50 schrieb John Drescher:
> On 6/28/07, Colin Pitrat <colin.pitrat at bull.net> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I recently installed a webcam under Linux, and I'd like to use it with
> > wine. I'd like to test x-lite with this webcam, but I have no idea how
> > to make it see my webcam. I tried in winecfg, but it doesn't seem to
> > contain anything related to the webcam.
> >
> > I searched on internet, but only found some doc about msn messenger.
> > Apparently, it's kind of a hack, not a way to make the webcam visible to
> > all wine applications.

Seems like it is or has been possible to use a v4l video device as webcam for 
MSN (which probably isn't more a "hack" than Wine is); so maybe you should 
try whether MSN sees it first?

> >
> > Is it possible ? How should I proceed ?
> I do not think so. Although it has been discussed on a way to add
> support for usb devices into wine I am not sure the necessary parts
> are completed yet. For now your best bet is qemu or vmware. If you
> don't have a copy of windows around possibly reactos will support your
> driver although I would not bet on it.

Since he said he installed it under Linux, I assume he got it working for 
native applications (probably using v4l). To Wine this means it wouldn't have 
to access the USB device directly but translate between the v4l API and 
whatever Windows applications expect instead. Not much different from how you 
can use USB audio device in Wine using OSS or ALSA.

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