[Wine] Running child's game "Blue's Treasure Hunt"

David A. Cobb superbiskit at cox.net
Mon Mar 12 12:33:35 CDT 2007

I see "Blue's Clues PreSchool" on the AppDB, with the note that it 
installs and runs OK.

I have "Blue's Treasure Hunt" by InfoGames (<www.us.infogames.com).  
When I mount the CD, it shows the "Preparing the InstallShield wizard" 
box, which quickly goes to 100%.  However, I then immediately get an 
almost empty dialog box with the  Error icon (no text).  Clicking the 
button, the installation quits without anything running.

In general, I'm not doing very well with anything that tries to set up 
an InstallShield installation.

Help would be very welcome, TIA.

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