[Wine] Winelib for creating makefile to run on Windows?

JeanneP jpetrang at harris.com
Mon Mar 19 00:45:13 CDT 2007


I'm an embedded software developer. Most of our development is done
with a cross-compiler, and is built using nmake makefiles. We also have
a windows console cli application that talks to the target via USB. It
was orignally written using the VS 6.0 IDE. Later, when we wanted to
integrate building it into our automated build environment, we wrote
makefiles (we did not use VS's makefile exporting feature), again using
nmake. Instead of moving the dependency info into the makefiles, that
was kept in the VS project files (.dsw and .dsp), and we currently use
the msdev.exe command line builder in the makefiles. A macro was
written to get VS to generate .dep files, which we use as part of the
build process.

So, VS6.0 isn't supported any more, so I'm looking into migrating away
from it. The problem with doing the same thing but with later VS
versions is that the ability for VS to generate the .dep files was
removed in later versions. (M$ wants everyone to only use their IDE
now, it seems.) The compiler, cl.exe, does not generate dependency
info.  We'd like to stick with the cl compiler for now because people
here prefer the VS IDE for debugging.  One option is to move the
dependency info into the makefile (we can use gmake just as well as
nmake) and continue to use cl.exe from the makefile.  That could be
just at ton of work.

Could winelib be used to generate a gmake makefile that can be run from
a Windows command prompt?  (unfortunately cygwin is not part of our
standard development environment) The code is C and C++.

If so, how maintainable are the makefiles?  We'd have to update the
deps by hand.

Can the winelib perl script be run on Windows with the ActiveState


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