[Wine] Re: backward step?

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at dougshost.invalid
Mon Mar 19 00:45:34 CDT 2007

Doug Laidlaw wrote:

> Running my jigsaw program, BigJig, under Wine-0.9.17, the screen looks
> like it did under early versions (0.9.12 and before), and all the jigsaw
> selection thumbnails have gone.  This has been the case since version
> 0.9.15.
> I recall that I fixed the layout by installing fonts - something about the
> size of the fonts set the size of the buttons.  I am running Sidenet,
> which
> links to the Linux fonts.  Installing Windows fonts gave me captions to
> the thumbnails, but no images, and it didn't fix the splash screen.
> Doug.
Copying my Windows fonts across into the windows/fonts directory fixed the
layout and text problems, as in the early days, but the absence of
thumbnails must be something different.

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