[Wine] Difference Between WINE and an Emulator

Draco18s draco18s2_DOES_NOT at LIKE_SPAM_hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:45:42 CDT 2007

I've got someone who doesn't understand that WINE Is Not an Emulator and 
apparently doesn't get the FAQ on the site.  I personally don't use WINE (still 
being on Windows kinda avoids the need), so I don't really have the knowledge 
to argue this much farther.  Here's his latest point (formating in clasic 
usenet style below), I need something simple that says, "no."

Thanks in advance.


>Blue wrote:
>Well, no matter how you put it...
>It allows you to run windows-only programs, in a Linux enviroment, and from 
>what i can see on screenshots, it runs the program window, inside a linux-
>program window.
>So no matter how detailed you might explain, it will still be an emulator to 
>Just look at game emulators for PS2, GBA, N64, etc... It runs an emulation of a 
>console game, in a window, in your windows... so basically, something that isnt 
>suppose to run on your comp, is still beeing runned, on a system that isnt 
>suppose to be able to run it.
>It also translates data and IO back and forth, making you play the game as it 
>was intended to, on the system normally not beeing able to do it.
>And what is it called?
>Yeah, an Emulator.
>This thing looks the exact same way, and does the exact same thing; Allowing 
>you to run something on your OS, that isnt suppose to be possible to run, by 
>translating data and IO back and forth.
>So no matter what you say, I will still see it as an emulator, and referr it 
>like one too.
>And FYI, i have had lots of friends that used WINE, and they all called it "A
>Windows Emulator".

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