[Wine] No fonts in "Magic Online"

liberforce luis.menina at libertysurf.fr
Mon Mar 19 00:45:55 CDT 2007

Hi all,
I'm in trouble with wine in playing with Magic Online:

I'm running Mandriva 2006 and I have tried several versions of wine,
without success:
- wine-20050725 (version included in Mandriva 2006):
The app hangs, I can't have the intallation to work.

- wine 0.9.17 (last rpm for Mandriva available on the wine website)
I have no fonts at all appearing. Not blurry fonts as seen here:
No text at all.

- wine 0.9.19 (built by hand)
I used fontforge version: fontforge-1.0-0.20050809 (last Mandriva
version), and have seen no special compiling problem. But I still have
no fonts with magic online. The winecfg looks good however. I join here
a debugging trace that I did with:
     WINEDEBUG="font" wine magic.exe
while being in the magic online directory, according to hints in
http://cedegawiki.sweetleafstudios.com/wiki/Magic_Online . I have seen
no FreeType config file however, so I suppose that hint was specific to
cedega. I even have installed in the windows/fonts directory the
windows fonts I had from an old Win98 CD (extracted them from .CAB
files with cabextract).

The trace can be found at http://liberforce.blogsite.org/wine/font.log
Look for the "err" keyword, and especially that kind of error:

warn:font:AddFontFileToList Unable to load font file
"/home/luis/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Wizards of the
Coast/Magic Online/ms sans serif" err = 1

Thanks to anyone that can help me, because I've been struggling for 3
days now on this...

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