[Wine] Re: Using wine dll in another native library

zilfworks at gmail.com zilfworks at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:46:16 CDT 2007

Dmitry Marienko wrote:
>    I have some windows-maked dll (xxx.dll for example).  I want to use it
> on my Linux machine in my Java application. For this purpose I wrote a
> small wrapper around the xxx.dll by using winelib library and make it as
> libxxx.dll.so.  Now I need load this library in my jvm (by using
> System.loadLibrary("xxx.dll"); ) but when I try to call any function  from
> it I got "segmentation fault".
>    I try to write  simple linux standalone application which use
> libxxx.dll.so  but got the same troubles. Can anybody explain me right way
> to using winlib-maked libraries in native applications ?

You can't currently.  This ought to be possible, but the work to make
it practical has not been done yet.

What you can do instead is write a Windows application
which uses the DLL, and run that with Wine.  You might,
for instance, run your Java program in a Windows version of
Java, and have that load the DLL.  Or you could write a miniapplication
that acts as a server, and have your Linux java program use that
- Dan

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