[Wine] Re: IE6 SP1 with wine 0.9.19

dank daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:46:16 CDT 2007

demiourgos at gmail.com wrote:
> I tried nearly everything I could and still was not able to get IE
> working with wine 0.9.19.
> Manual install using App DB, winetools, ies4linux, etc... everything
> fails, with different problems and error messages of course.
> It's really frustrating. Is there a way to install IE that actually
> works ?

Not that I know of.  ies4linux seems like the best bet for the moment,
but I haven't tried it.   Wine is adding its own implementation of IE
but it's not quite finished; the problem is that Wine's IE and native
kind of interfere with each other.  It's quite frustrating.  Sorry...
- Dan

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