[Wine] Re: Checking if Wine is being used

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:46:31 CDT 2007

flyerx_2000 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I am adapting a Windows application to make it Wine friendly. Some of
> the application's operations must be changed if it is running using
> Wine instead of Windows. Is there a way of checking, from within the
> application, if Wine is being used?

No. It is the goal of Wine to provide a complete implementation of the
Win32 API, which includes that a process cannot tell which
implementation it is using. You could, of course, take advantage of
know shortcomings of wine (eg. ntoskrnl.exe not implemented), but then
you would have to monitor wine for changes in that respect.
Why is it necessary to change the applications behaviour at all? If this
is due to bugs in wine, you could file reports so that these bugs get


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