[Wine] Problems when compiling actual sources ...

Bernhard Kogler bernhard at expires-31-08-2006.news-group.org
Mon Mar 19 00:46:34 CDT 2007


I've tried to compile the newest sources transferred to my PC with GIT 
serveral time until now (Ubuntu 6.06.1, i386).

After compilation, installation and configuration (creating a new .wine 
folder) it seems I've always a problem with missing fake-dlls.

I always get errors like this when running programs with wine:

Wine also complains about missing libxml2-support at compilation time, 
but the libxml2-package was installed ...

Initially I downloaded the GIT-sources to test a patch for bug 6078, 
somebody has written.

But actually it seems I can't test it, because I can't compile wine the 
right way ...

Does anybody have ideas I made wrong?

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