[Wine] MIDI default output port / how to select timidity by default?

Joerg Hoehle hoehle at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 19 00:46:49 CDT 2007


Using timidity, I've been able to listen to MIDI files with Linux on a
machine with an Intel 801/AC'97 chip.

However, with Wine, I've had trouble. Log messages show that the first
MIDI output port is used.  This happens to be 'MIDI Through' 62:0, not
Timidity on port 128:0.
$ aconnect -ol shows the list of output ports.

I have no idea what port 62:0 does (perhaps send bytes down the serial port??)
$ aplaymidi -p 128:0 foo.mid is needed to hear something.
$ aplaymidi -p 62:0 foo.mid causes nothing to happen. It exits after
                            some time.

How can I have wine switch by default to another port?  Or is there no
such default, as it could be the MS-Windows application which is the
only one able to select the MIDI playback device driver?  In that
case, I'm lost, since it's a game and does not have any GUI for
choosing a MIDI port.

I came across this article:
>Create HKCU\Software\Wine\ALSA, and add two string values:
>    MidiPort=72:0
>    PlaybackDevice=default
>    (72:0 happens to be the MIDI serial port in this case.)
This does not help. In fact, WINEDEBUG=+reg shows that these keys are
never queried.

I'm using wine-0.9.19 on Debian Ubuntu Dapper, with ALSA output in Wine
(choosing OSS doesn't change results).

Thanks for your help,
	Jorg Hohle
Telekom/T-Systems Technology Center

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