[Wine] Re: Problem installing aplications...

dank daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:46:18 CDT 2007

bss wrote:
> > > Hi! i'm new to wine and i have a problem instaling aplications...
> > > When i start the installer (example:Flash 8) it starts normal and
> > > everything is fine until it starts installing. Insted of copying files
> > > is like it skips the instalation and you can click finish.. I looked at
> > > the directory where it shuld be, but there wasn't any files....
> I tried Flash 8, Adobe Photoshop CS2 , Dreamviewer 8...this aplication
> doesen't create directories.
> but I have managed to installed  Winamp...

My testing shows that Wine cannot yet install recent
Adobe or Macromedia applications yet.
Perhaps wine will be able to do that by version 0.9.21,
but it might take a lot longer, there's no telling.
- Dan

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