[Wine] Re: setup.exe fails on wine version 0.9.20 and later

CharlieB cdbiem at nospam.net
Mon Mar 19 00:47:32 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:

>CharlieB <cdbiem at nospam.net> wrote:
>> Here is the output:
>> http://home.earthlink.net/~cdbiem/output.txt
>> The "Terminated" message must be coming from somewhere other the wine. It
>> not in the output file.
>The output doesn't say much, except that there is no crash inside wine.
>Does it make any difference if you 
>$ cd /mnt/cdrom && wine setup.exe

It doesn't make any difference. Same error. 

I tried running setup.exe for a win32 application and it worked OK. I bet is
has to do with Monopoly's setup.exe being win16. I tried using install.exe
with Myst (win16 also) and the same thing happened. output.txt looks

Can someone confirm this? Any ideas on what I should do next?

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