[Wine] Re: Any work done on the Com Ports?

roboknight roboknight at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:47:40 CDT 2007

What does this program do?  winradio.sys seems to be a driver for a
sound card of some kind and I'm not sure that it will work with wine
(most drivers won't... There maybe some that will, but nothing that
I've read will work)... It could be that your software tries to do
something with this driver and erroneously reports that it can't see
the com port when accessing the driver fails.  You can test the com
port, as Daniel suggested, with a term program (hyperterm might work
here, teraterm would probably be better as its simpler to use, at least
I think so) just to prove that your serial ports do indeed work.

If you are using an SELinux based box, then you probably need to allow
wine to access the serial port.  I've not read much about SELinux, so
right now I couldn't tell you how to do that the "right" way.  Maybe
someone else reading this thread could indicate the proper way to allow
access to the serial port with wine (I would like to know as well as my
FC5 box has SELinux enabled and this causes me no end of grief as I
haven't had time to work on that yet).  All I can tell you there is you
need to make sure your permissions are set correctly to allow users to
access the serial port.  One way to do this is:

chmod a+rwx /dev/ttyS0
(assuming you are using com1)

Now you do have to remember that this allows EVERYONE access to that
serial port which could be a security problem for you.  If it isn't, it
is a quick hack.

As for those initial errors, winradio.dll might not be an actual
driver, and you will need to add it to your
.wine/drive_c/windows/system or .wine/drive_c/windows/system32
directory.  You will also need to make sure that wine knows to use it
natively.  Use winecfg to set the dll to native.  That should make it
find that dll.

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