[Wine] Opening wine-based applications from Firefox?

lifemonster at googlemail.com lifemonster at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:48:22 CDT 2007

Like all decent browsers, Firefox offers the possibility to link file
types to specific applications.
However, there seems to be a serious problem preventing the linking of
file types to wine-based applications.

Consider the following: you want Firefox to open filetype xyz with the
wine-based application prog_xyz.
In the download actions you can specify the complete path to the
application, something like:


but Firefox then discards the complete path, only retaining the actual
program name 'prog_xyz'.

Of course, this doesn't work for without the actual path information
Firefox is unable to find the program.
By the way, It doesn't bother to tell you that - it just prefers to do
nothing instead :)

My question: does anyone know of a way to feed Firefox the complete
filepath to the correct application?


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