[Wine] Re: Opening wine-based applications from Firefox?

lifemonster at googlemail.com lifemonster at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:48:42 CDT 2007

Vernon Balbert wrote:
> I think the reason why he asks is because there's a perfectly acceptable
> version of Firefox that doesn't require Wine.  This makes your original
> question somewhat confusing.  Why would you want to run the Windows
> version of Firefox under Wine instead of using the native Linux version?

Vernon, I'm using the Linux version of Firefox!
That is where the problem comes up: if you want Firefox to open a link
with a specific application, you can only specify the name of the
application and not the complete path (which would be required for a
wine-based application).

buck huffman wrote:
> If you are using the Linux version of Firefox, you might try creating
> a shell script to invoke the wine app and place it somewhere on the
> Linux path, then just call the shell script from Firefox.

Thanks Buck, that seems a logical step to try next :)


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