[Wine] Re: disk drive assignment problem

Robert McLean robert.mclean1 at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 19 00:49:02 CDT 2007

Robert McLean wrote:
> Daniel Skorka wrote:
> > Robert McLean <robert.mclean1 at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> > > When I go into the wine configuration tool I can map C to
> > > /mnt/windows/C, and I can map D into /mnt/windows/D.  I hit the Apply
> > > button, and I hit the OK button.  When I use wine to run my
> > > swcadiii.exe program I get not accessible and file not found errors.
> > > When I go back into the wine configuration tool I see that my D drive
> > > mapping has not been saved.  How do I make changes the drive
> > > assignments I make permanent ?
> >
> > Create the symlinks under $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/ by hand.
> >
> > Daniel
> Daniel, thanks for the reply.  But now for the really dumb questions.
> What is $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/ ?  I guessed it was a directory or
> configuration file, but I cant find it searching with file manager.  Is
> it something else entirely ?

> Also, is this what everybody else who uses Wine had to do ?  Why doesnt
> the Wine Configuration tool work ?
> Robert.

I may have solved my problem.  I looks like if I log in as regular user
Bob, the drives map correctly, and stay that way.  If I log in as root,
then it wont work right.  So I just have to remember to log in as Bob,
and at least one of my windows apps is now working quite well under
(There are others with issues I am putting in other threads)

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