[Wine] Re: Display damage after installing game on wine?

Mantar, Feyelno nek dusa mantar.feyelno at YourPantiesSirWilliamfrontiernet.net
Mon Mar 19 00:49:45 CDT 2007

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 03:46:30 -0700, Thea Bergermann wrote:

> 2) Wonder. I do not work so often with wine that I can identify a
> wine-caused problem vs. an accidentally at the same time occuring hardware
> problem.

 Basically, what happens when wine sends an app full-screen is that it
asks X11 to give it a screen mode of the same resolution as the window
that wine wants, and X11 then attempts to set the monitor into a mode with
that resolution at a refresh your monitor supports. It will usually
(unless you're using an old or misconfigured X11) just ask the monitor
what it supports and pick the closest match it can.
 There is no way it can directly damage a modern monitor -- the monitor
will refuse to display at any rate that would damage it. This is where you
get the display that just has a big red box (or whatever) that says
"refresh rate out of range." It was possible to damage a monitor by
running it too hard once, but I haven't seen such a monitor in many years.

 However, changing (safe, valid) refresh rates does put some stress on a
monitor, and if it's going to fail, that may do it.

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