[Wine] Re: Planning first Linux/Wine install

Paul Romanyszyn pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:05 CDT 2007

anandpursahibwale at yahoo.com wrote:
> Another wrinkle in my planning:  I have a favorite personal financial
> management program (i.e, checkbook plus) that I've been using under
> OS/2's Win3.1 capability for the past 13 years.  Because it does the
> job I need, and it has 13 years of data, and did not export
> satisfactorily to Quicken 98, I would like to continue using it.  It is
> a straight Win 3.1 program and it would not install under Win98 or
> Win2K.
Win 3.11 software may use path and environmental setting in the 
autoexec.bat. Wine as it is finds the autoexec.bat but does not execute 
it. user.reg or one of the other .reg files has a path and you can add 
the changes to  made to autoexec.bat to that location or just run wine 
cmd and then c:\autoexec.bat and the command prompt.
> Can Wine run Win 3.1 programs without a DOS/win3.1 partition, and how
> would it install (especially given that it won't install under
> Win98/Win2K)?
You should be able to, for win 3.11 applications that don't have copy 
protect keys hidden on the harddrive, just copy the *.ini files and 
program and data directory's from a working 3.11 install.

If it won't run under wine you can install win 3.11 under qemu and use 
mtoolsfm to move files from and to your simulated harddrive.
> Thanks for indulging me my attachments to legacy software!
But just get a spare harddrive or empty partition and dual boot into 
linux and see how it works. The Linux install has a boot manager and can 
boot any partition/OS.
You do have a learning curve ahead.
> anandpursahibwale at yahoo.com wrote:
>> I'm planning my first Linux/Wine install.  Is there any advantage to
>> having a Windows (say W2K) partition to install Win apps to, when the
>> plan is to run them under Wine/Linux?
>> I do have a licensed copy of W2K, so I could do that if it were an
>> advantage (e.g., is it easier to install difficult or unruly win apps
>> under windows first?).

Paul R.

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