[Wine] Wine hangs the system in battle.net

Dahack Dahacks at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:18 CDT 2007


I have got this problem with wine hanging the whole system when im
playing warcraft3 in battle.net. I have tried reinstalling the game,
reinstalling wine, installing an older wine version and disabling the
sound emulators. No use - the system still hangs, but ONLY in warcraft
3 battle.net ranking games about 30 seconds after starting the game.

I'v heard that the problem might be in my own kernel (opinnions, hints,
tips?). I'v got this problem since i moved my computer to a LAN, it
might had taken some physical damage on the way there, so could it be
that something inside my computer that is broken and thats why i'v got
this problem?

I would be most pleased if you could help me with this problem, since i
got a warcraft 3 tournament next month, and i really need the practise

Thank you for reading

- Dahack

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