[Wine] Printing via Cups uses lpr ??

christof.beuter at t-online.de christof.beuter at t-online.de
Mon Mar 19 00:50:25 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

since I got printing working with wine 0.9.15 I just upgraded to 0.9.20
on a Debian etch system.
I got libwine-cups installed, and I can print from notepad and some
other applications, but not what I expected.
All I get is a printout that looks like this:

                           %%Creator: Wine PostScript Driver

            %%Title: Whatever

And dozens of blank pages ...

Looks like wine uses lpr for printing while it should use cups instead.

Any ideas why ?

I tried to install apsfilter, but couldn't get it to work because there
is no driver for my HP PSC1510 (at least I couldn't find one).

Thanks for your help

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