[Wine] Re: debugging an app which crashes my Window manager?

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:27 CDT 2007

jkn wrote:
> Hi Duane
>     Thanks for all of your suggestions. I knew some of this and learned
> some more from your suggestions. I knew nothing about examine-relay so
> thanks! I wasn't sure whether the fact that the crash was breaking kWin
> would stop this logging mechanism working. I confess I haven't yet
> tried it ;-o .
> I do have Windows programming & debugging experience so that should
> help.
> Actually, since I posted this I have become advocate for this program
> with Codeweavers. I am guessing that the same debugging techniques will
> apply. Is this true, of have Codeweavers modified things in some way?

I don't know for sure, but Codeweavers is very close to regular Wine. I 
would imagine all the same techniques would work.

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