[Wine] Re: Virtual Pool Hall installation help needed

Fretzel joeblow at corn.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:37 CDT 2007

Darren Wilkinson wrote:
> Fretzel wrote:
>> Here is the location to download this game.
>> http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/BGAudio/VPHDownload.htm
>> Problem is the included vph.reg file which modifies the registry to 
>> disable CD check on a real Windows installation will not work on 
>> Wine's fake drive_c Windows installation.
>> I know this works in real Windows because I have tried it myself.
>> If anyone can find a way to make this work I would appreciate it.
>> Thank you.
> The easiest thing would probably be to open the vph.reg file in 
> openoffice or something similar and use wines own regedit to put them in 
> by hand.
> Just remember not to type in the quotation marks.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately getting this info into the registry 
is not where the problem lies. There is something odd about the way the 
game expects hard drive C: and Windows to be to be physically located in 
the machine... and Wine's fake drive_c drive just doesn't work.
I have only been able to get this game and its registry hack to work on 
computers with Windows installed on the boot drive. I have not been able 
to get it to work if anything about the location of Windows is 
changed... e.g. I have tried on computers where the Windows OS and C: 
drive is installed on a different physical drive to the boot drive. And 
also on an intel iMac with a bootcamp Windows installation. Neither of 
these situations work. It will only work with Windows installed to a 
single physical drive C:.
I was hoping someone would be able to work out why the game behaves this 
way and maybe suggest a different registry key modification which would 
get around this problem and allow the game to run without CD check.

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