[Wine] Re: compiz/gl-x crashes my games!

Darren Wilkinson spamtrap at spamtrap.spamtrap
Mon Mar 19 00:50:40 CDT 2007

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> Darren Wilkinson <spamtrap at spamtrap.spamtrap> wrote:
>>> One of us is in the wrong newsgroup.  Might it be you?  My
>>> header shows this is the Wine newsgroup.  The Mandriva
>>> newsgroup is a couple doors away.
>> RE-read paragraph 1 then get a clue.
> Robert has a point here: Nowhere do you state that the problem is
> confined to 3d games under wine.

Maybe, but it is a small point badly made. I never said that the problem was 
limited to wine but I did mention wine in my post and as he himself said "My 
header shows this is the Wine newsgroup". Also when Xgl is turned on wine (for 
*my* pruposes at least) is almost unusable, so a wine newsgroup is *partially* 

> More to the point, AIGLX/Xgl is
> supposed to be an X11 server. The client shouldn't concern itself with
> how the drawing gets done.
> To conclude, the reason for this is not in wine. Either your server is
> misconfigured, in which case you'd better ask in a mandriva group or
> it's a bug/feature of AIGLX/Xgl.
> Daniel

That is a much better reply. I have some other things taking my time though so 
it can wait for now. I hope it's not a "feature" of Xgl though as I'd like that 
3d desktop back sometime.

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