[Wine] Re: Install all Windows XP DLLs

Darren Wilkinson spamtrap at spamtrap.spamtrap
Mon Mar 19 00:50:44 CDT 2007

marthinus.swart at gmail.com wrote:
> I need to know is there some utility I can use to install all my
> Windows XP DLLs on my Wine install? I have a legal copy of Windows XP I
> never use, so I might as well add all the native DLLs to my Wine
> install, thus insuring all my Windows apps will always work, no need
> for the reverse engineered Wine DLLs to run my Windows applications.
AFAIK there isn't a specific utility to do this but it is easy to do. 
Unfortunately using windows dlls work ensure that all windows apps always work 
and can - in some circumstances - break compatibility. The best thing to do if 
you definetly want to go down this route would be to copy the system & system32 
folders from a currently installed XP and leave wine to choose which 
native/builtin dll to use.

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