[Wine] Re: How to change the windows version with command line?

Tom cheungne at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:51:11 CDT 2007

I can now run wine la,

really thanks a lot!

On Nov 24, 7:17 pm, Daniel Skorka <sko... at gmx.net> wrote:
> Tom <cheun... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I just choose Add/Reomve packet from the fedora core 6. In the search ,
> > I type wine and i tick the wine version of 0.9.25 and then it install
> > it as well as other components for me,
> > Is there any problem for this process?None that I can see. Just for testing, could you try installing the
> latest package for FC 5 fromhttp://winehq.org/site/download?
> Daniel
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