[Wine] Re: app has problems parsing its config file

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:51:19 CDT 2007

ap wrote:
> On Nov 28, 2:20 pm, Duane Clark <junkm... at junkmail.com> wrote:
>> ap wrote:
>>> On Nov 28, 12:07 pm, Duane Clark <junkm... at junkmail.com> wrote:
>>>> That version of Wine had quite a few errors in the file reading
>>>> functions. Have you tried the most recent Wine?
>>> No, just 0.9.22 which I thought was quite recent. If there are
>>> known file reading problems, the latest may definitely be worth
>>> trying.
>> Yes, that would definitely be worth a try. There have been several 
>> patches since then to fix bugs in that area. The most recent Wine 
>> version is 0.9.26, and that would be the one to try.
> Ok, I will put this on.

Good. And please post what the results are. If there are still problems 
with the file functions in a current version of Wine's msvcrt, I would 
like to know about them and get them fixed.

> Of course, now the app crashes just after it is done initializing the
> user interface according to its start-up messages and just before it
> want to create the main window with the menus and a 3d display area.

A lot of changes have gone into the 3d stuff lately, so maybe that will 
also be fixed in a current version of Wine. Unfortunately, if there is 
still a problem in the 3d code, you won't be able to use native DLLs. 
They won't work in Wine.

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