[Wine] Re: Unable to print - fixme:psdrv:PSDRV_EndPage Already ended a page?

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:51:34 CDT 2007

Jarle Thorsen wrote:
> Running Kubuntu linux with wine 0.9.22.
> Printing via cups seems to work fine from linux ("lpr tiger.ps" works
> fine). But when I try to print from coverxp through wine I get the
> following error (and nothing is printed):
> trace:winspool:OpenPrinterW (L"EPSONStylusC86", 0x33f690, (nil))
> trace:winspool:GetPrinterDataExA (0x2, "PrinterDriverData", "Paper Size" (nil), 0x33f694, 00000004, 0x33f698)
> warn:winspool:GetPrinterDataExA Can't open subkey "PrinterDriverData"
> trace:winspool:EnumPrinterDataExA 0x2 PrinterDriverData\FontSubTable
> trace:winspool:EnumPrinterDataExW 0x2 L"PrinterDriverData\\FontSubTable"
> trace:winspool:EnumPrinterDataExW RegOpenKeyExW (0x2, L"PrinterDriverData\\FontSubTable") returned 2
> trace:winspool:EnumPrinterDataExA EnumPrinterDataExW returned 2
> trace:winspool:ClosePrinter Handle 0x2
> fixme:psdrv:PSDRV_EndPage Already ended a page?

Only that last line is an error. The others are normal. I notice that 
when I run and try to print with coverXP, if I don't first select 
"Printer setup" and click ok, I have the same problem. Once I do the 
printer setup step (it is not necessary to actually change anything) and 
click ok, it seems to print for me.

This might indicate some subtle bug in Wine, since presumably it is not 
necessary to go through the printer setup step every time in Windows.

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