[Wine] Re: Different audio settings for different applications

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:52:10 CDT 2007

Wolfgang Klein <klein.wolfg at web.de> wrote:
> Thanks for the address, but I am not sure how to achieve the desired
> effect using this technique. I'll tell you what what I want to do, maybe
> you or someone else has an idea that might help:

That's basically what I thought you wanted. Read the page carefully,
especially paying attention to the parts about audio and those
concerning AppDefaults. You should get the hang of it...

> This program runs nearly perfectly using wine, except for one little
> annoyance: as soon as I insert a DVD, the program starts playing its
> content. (Yes: inside wine!) And when I navigate through the DVD's menu,
> the program always instantly starts to play the selected menu item. This
> is pretty disturbing, because I can not navigate through the menu
> without the DVD-ROM running wild and me having to wait for the slow
> mechanism inside.

A very funny behaviour - maybe it is controlled by a registry setting?

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