[Wine] Re: Wine reboot my linux

G.S. Link gslink at onenospam.net
Mon Mar 19 00:53:07 CDT 2007

G.S. Link wrote:
> Michael Bonfils wrote:
>>> 1. Don't run as wine as root.
>> I don't
>>> 2. Wine as a user program can not reboot system.
>> Well, I'm agree with you that
>>> 3. Wine can use parts of the video and other driver that have bugs.
>>> 4. Suspect the video drivers.
>> Hum... maybe, I've a 6600 nvidia and I remenber a bug about crash when
>> long text/url (?) are displayed,
>> I'll test that with the exploit available at
>> http://www.rapid7.com/advisories/R7-0025.jsp
>>> 5. Also a possible hardware overtemp problem at 100% CPU loading.
>> But the crash occurs while install, not playing ! And I've playing
>> others 3D games and no crashes occures, I've also check my CPU temp :
>> 39°
>>> Not a wine problem!
>> I hope..
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
> This happens with Nvidia cards.  I posted about this with RH FC6 several 
> weeks ago.  I was using a 5200 card.  It is not a Wine problem.  I 
> sometimes get around it by using the analog feed to my monitor instead 
> of digital.  I found it to be in all drivers and to cause this problem 
> on most of the native Linux applications that use accelerated video.  I 
> figured this would be appearing here so I posted a warning on the 
> developer forum.  This sounds like it isn't a RH problem.
In the latest updates to FC6 the problem APPEARS to be fixed.  This may 
or may not help you.

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