[Wine] mappery2

sam sam at freedomridebikes.com
Mon Mar 19 00:53:32 CDT 2007

>> So, my conclusion is that there is no usable Linux or Wine-compatible
>> software which will talk to the Garmin family in a productive manner.

That can be done. See three threads here, dated March 12 & 13 of this
year, starting with "Mappery..."

Beartooth Staffwright, Hunter by Birth,
Not Quite Clueless Fedora Power User

I am having trouble locating the above-mentioned threads , starting
with "Mappery"

I use ubuntu dapper 6.06 and wine 0.9.16. I have EasyGPS working fine.
When I attempt to save, I am told that the save command cannot be
completed, because the program requires MSXML 3.0 which is installed by
IE6.0. I have IE6.0 installed and running, and have attempted install
MSXML on its own, and have tried some other things. I used ies4linux to
install IE6.0.

Any related threads would be great. I have done some searching.


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