[Wine] Wine crash: err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height (or width)

Henriette Kress spamtrap.hetta at spamcop.net
Mon Mar 19 00:53:32 CDT 2007

Paradox 7.0 crashes wine with this error on suse 10.1:

hk at linux:~> wine /home/hk/.wine/drive_c/Program\
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height -24
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window width -70
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height -24

(there it stops, and goes no further).

I tested this on wine 0.9.26, 0.9.27 and 0.9.28, on two separate suse 10.1

Paradox7 under wine ran fine about a week ago, and unfortunately, I have no idea
what has changed.
Other wine programs run without trouble - Agent and Omnipage Pro, for instance.

I thought it might be the x11-server, so reverted to the default install version
(xorgs-x11-server*, xorgs-x11-font*, xorgs-x11-the-rest-of-the-installed-files),
but the reversion didn't affect the crash.

Current version of wine: 0.9.28 (same for 0.9.27 and 0.9.26 though)
Current version of xorgs-x11: (same for though)

What else can I try?


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