[Wine] Re: Sound Problems

David crazydahveed at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:53:42 CDT 2007

Ok, I have some new developments.  While looking into the information
you gave me, I found some interesting information about the sound
driver for my motherboard (soundstorm, I think).  Basically, the
included sound drivers do very little in the way of providing sound,
and I needed to download and compile my sound drivers from Nvidia.
After figuring out how to get them to compile on my distro, I got my
sound working.

Now I have sound inside wine using OSS.  However, the sound is very
choppy.  So a single sound clip, like a ship exploding, is heard, but
there are pauses in between (something like the buffer cannot keep up
with the sounds provided).  Are there some settings I can change in
winecfg that will improve my sound quality?  Would setting the sound to
too high a quality do this, or is there some other explanation?

Thanks for all your help,

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