[Wine] Re: Warcraft 2 BNE - performance problem...

Huk256 at gmail.com Huk256 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:53:58 CDT 2007

Olaf Leidinger napisal(a):
> Hello!
> I found the following tip on  the app-db page of starcraft broodwars:
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> Users of Geforce-GeforceFX cards can improve the performance of StarCraft a lot (starting from Wine 0.9.19 or Wine CVS from August 1st or later) by adding some new registry options. Set the option HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Programs\Wine\Direct3D\DirectDrawRenderer to 'opengl' (if the Direct3D key doesn't exist add it). Further you need to set the option 'Direct3D\RenderTargetLockMode' to 'readtex'.
> The rendering performance should be VERY fast in 24bit mode now, it should reach DGA speeds. In the near future I will add similar fixes for other cards to improve performance but the boost will never be as big as for these old nvidia cards using GL_EXT_paletted_texture support.
> BTW note that the options I provided are now set for all applications, the options won't work fine for all apps yet so add some application specific options. (HKCU\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\starcraft.exe\Direct3D)
> Roderick
> ****
> Maybe it helps you...
> Ciao,
> Olaf
> > I have recently installed my Warcraft 2 BNE under wine (Ubuntu 6.10 -
> > wine version 0.9.29). It runs almost perfect. There is intro, sounds
> > but... game itself is slow. I mean my machine (Duron 1200; 384 MB;
> > GeForce 5200 128 MB (drivers installed 9746); should run this game
> > flawless (and it does under Window$) - but unfortunately, under wine
> > game is pretty choppy - especially when I select a lot of units (good
> > example is second mission in Human Campaign - when I select all my
> > archesr and footmans and give "move" command I can see that they "jump"
> > from place to place. Also map scrolling is rather slow. Is there any
> > way to speed up that game?
> >
> > Thank you.
> >
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Thanks for this info - it help - but unfortunately game is still choppy
:( it is really strange that old games have such weird problems...

Any other ideas?

jhansonxi at gmail.com napisal(a):
> Wargus is a cross-platform Warcraft II compatible enhanced game.  It's
> not compatible with Blizzard's servers however.
> http://wargus.sourceforge.net

I heard about this before... I must find out more - is there a
posibility to play Warcraft2 campaigns with this? (that is only thing
that matters for my).

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