[Wine] Re: Keyboard map

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:54:54 CDT 2007

peterdanielmyers at yahoo.co.uk wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anybody know how to change the keyboard map in wine... I can't
> find any documentation on it... I checked in the ./wine/system.reg
> (something like that) file, and there was a keyboard entry with a 10
> digit number after it - totally incomprehensible!
> I'm running BibleWorks 6 from a Windows partition (because it won't
> install under wine).  The Windows partition and the Linux are both
> using correct keyboard maps - so wine is the problem.  Most things map
> (letters, numbers) but special characters don't - which makes the
> software hard to use - as BW requires special characters for complex
> wildcard searches (which is the point of using Bible Works).
> Any help appreciated!  I'm running 64bit Ubuntu Edgy with wine .debs
> from: http://ubuntu.moshen.de.  Windows partition is running XP Home.
> I'm using a Mesh laptop (small uk company) with a standard UK mapped
> 104 key keyboard.

Did you check the applications database?

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