[Wine] Re: Trying to install MS Front Page

Olaf Leidinger leidola at newcon.de
Mon Mar 19 00:55:11 CDT 2007


> Apologies. There was a .wine file in the Home directory,
> it was just hidden.
Yes, every file or directory which name starts with a dot is hidden.

> Warning: the specified Windows directory L"c:\\windows" is not accessible.
> Warning: the specified System directory L"c:\\windows\\system32" is not accessible.
> Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory '/home/dave', starting in the Windows directory.

Hmmm, stange. Normally a new .wine - directory should be created automatically.
So, you need to create a new .wine directory manually by running

wineprefixcreate --prefix .wine

in your home-directory. (By the way... you can use this to use separate windows software installations)

Then try to run frontpage installer again.


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