[Wine] Problem to logar in MMORPG Sphere

mdsantos at ftec.com.br mdsantos at ftec.com.br
Mon Mar 19 00:55:14 CDT 2007

Galera I go direct to the subject. I negotiate it I am the following
one, I costumava to play a certain called MMORPG Sphere (
http://www.spherebr.com.br/ or http://www.uox.com.br/ ). It happens
that I installed the game for the Wine without no problem and until
the window of loguin of the game it appears equal in windows. But in
the hour of logar my account, it appears Connecting brasil1.nikita.ru...
and later the message of Server not found. It does not appear no
signal of I pass through of data for kinternet, therefore I find that
the game this not obtaining to find my connection. It inside has an
archive of the folder that I used to install the game that has this
name CONNECT.CFG and inside of it it finds if the following

PORT 25858

MAIN_URL "brasil1.nikita.ru"
LAST_URL "brasil1.nikita.ru"
PORT_UPD 25859

*PWD P#20
*LOGIN >EfMG5FN00000000000000000000000000000000#0

somebody can give a light to me? It will be that it has some skill of
I to obtain to play this game?

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