[Wine] Re: epoll_ctl: Operation not permitted

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:55:17 CDT 2007

martin.petz at onlinecontest.org wrote:
> I am using wine-0.9.30 (self compiled) on a Debian 3.1 server. Wine is
> required for CUI-applications, so no X-Server is running.
> When I log in via ssh and start the application, wine is working
> fine.
> But whenever I try it from the webserver via php-script, wine doesn't
> start properly. It fills the errout with "epoll_ctl: Operation not
> permitted" unitl I send a SIGKILL to the process.

It seems epoll_ctl is used in only one file, server/fd.c. The only place
where this messages can come from is line 427, 'else perror ( "epoll_ctl" );'
According to epoll_ctl (2), "Operation not permitted" propably is 'EPERM'
which in this context means the operation is not supported on the given
The next step is to identify the file which is causing these problems.
Please change line 427 to 
--- snip ---
else { perror( "epoll_ctl" ); fprintf( stderr, "fd: %d\n", fd->unix_fd); }
--- snip ---
and recompile.
Now, when you see this error again, keep the process running and take
note of the numbers that are printed out behind "fd: ". Obtain the PID
of wineserver, then
# ls -l /proc/wineserverpid/fd/
This will allow you, if possible, to look up the mapping between the fd
numbers and actual filenames. Post those filenames here, along with
access permissions and the output of 'file' for these files.

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