[Wine] Re: wineprefixcreate: msiexec.exe -- "Failed to open the service control manager"

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:55:27 CDT 2007

Jeremy <jcgarbage at comcast.net> wrote:
> When ~/.wine does not exist, or more specifically the system.reg does 
> not yet exist, wineprefixcreate delivers the message "Failed to open the 
> service control manager." I have tracked this down to the fact that 
> HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services does not yet exist when the msiexec.exe 
> is registered and hence OpenSCManager fails.
> What is the proper way to register this key. In DoRegServer I have 

I'm not sure this actually is something in need of fixing. There seem
to be no side effects apart from this message.

> What is the proper way to guarantee the key exists before encountering 
> the msiexec.exe installation?

Ask wine-devel at winehq.org, we are but lowly users ;)

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